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How should the perfect therapist office look like?

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

One of the top reasons why clients rate a therapist poorly in a satisfaction survey is having an untidy or poorly functional office. Yes, the purpose of your office should be to have a place where clients can come and attend therapy, but in order for patients to open up, they need to be in a place that makes them feel safe and calm.

The way your office looks sends a direct message to clients about who you are and what they can expect by working with you. What’s more, you will also be spending quite some time there, so it should be a place that brings you comfort and joy as well. But how should a therapist office look like, to be a pleasant place for both you and your patients?

The perfect office is free of clutter

Nothing screams chaos more than a very cluttered place. A counselling office should be clean, streamlined, and inviting so that clients can feel comfortable when they first come in.

Free of clutter does not mean impersonal or simplistic, but simply tidy and spacious. This does not mean you can’t keep a few personal items around, such as a décor piece you really like or some art you received as a gift.

It should give out a warm, welcoming feeling

An office that is decorated with cold colours may look put together and clean, but it can also give out a “clinical” feel. To avoid this and add warmth, play with colour, textures and prints. For example, if most of your office includes white, grey and blue elements, adding some yellow, orange or other warm-coloured details can make it look more welcoming.

A rug, as well as some throw pillows and inspiring wall décor, can help fill out the room, transforming it into a sophisticated, yet mindful place. Using essential oils can also help create a more inviting place, but make sure you choose some subtle scents to avoid distracting your clients.

Avoid overstimulating clients

It’s good to want your office to look good, but don’t overdo it. Too many décor elements can overstimulate patients and disrupt therapy, which is something you don’t want to happen. For example, it is recommended to have a clock in the office, to make it easier for both you and patients to keep track of time. However, if you choose a clock that is ticking, it can transform into an unwanted distraction, and some people find it very disturbing, especially in quiet places, which is how a therapist office should be.

Bring in peaceful, natural elements

People are known to react positively to elements of nature. The perfect therapist office should have at least one plant, which also serves as a good conversation starter, and lots of natural light so that it feels warm and ready to welcome clients. You will be surprised to see patients noticing how the plants have transformed over time, which is the perfect starter for a conversation about change and personal growth.

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